20 1300 88 22 44 April, 2018 INN VATE INSPIRATION FOR THE MODERN OFFICE MARCH 2018 INN VATE INSPIRATION FOR THE MODERN OFFICE MARCH 2018 INN VATE Skype for Business is changing the face of business communications and is one of the most widely used UC platforms today. It allows staff either in the same building, or on opposite sides of the world to conduct formal meetings or casual chats via instant messaging, voice or video calls. The real advantage of Skype for Business when it comes to UC, is that you are able to set yourself up with confidential conversations, present a screen or even transfer control of the meeting to any of the participants. You can invite others to join the conversation from any device, and meetings can be conducted either via video or phone using a Skype provided dial in number. Cleverly, Skype for Business updates your availability based on your calendar appointments, so at any given time your colleagues can see when you’re online and free to talk. Another big benefit of Skype for Business, is that it is flexible to the size and focus of your organisation, and can be set up in the cloud, within your office, or in a combination of the two. Skype for Business is fully functional on an Android, iOS, Windows or Mac platform so that no matter where you are working, you have access to an entire suite of communication tools in the palm of your hand. Skype for Business transforming communication Unified Communications

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