8 1300 88 22 44 April, 2018 INN VATE INSPIRATION FOR THE MODERN OFFICE MARCH 2018 INN VATE INSPIRATION FOR THE MODERN OFFICE MARCH 2018 INN VATE When you’re travelling for work (or working while you travel), your computer and other electronic devices are far more at risk than when they are in your home or office. Generally, when you’re travelling, there are three major threats to your devices: • Accidental damage • Theft or loss • Data loss In a country as large as Australia travelling by air for business is a necessity for many of us. Recent Roy Morgan research asked respondents whether their last domestic flight was for business or leisure, with 2.1 million Australians reporting they flew for business purposes. A separate survey found that while business travellers keep up to $2,500 worth of valuables in their bags, only 75 per cent secure them. Unlocking the key to secure business travel Restaurants, hotels, conferences and trade shows, often go hand in hand with travelling and with them comes the issue of how to securely store your laptop or valuables in public environments while you’re networking. Kensington, a leader in secure mobile device accessories surveyed their list of business professionals reveling “Trade Shows” as one of the top 3 places, frequent business travellers felt most vulnerable to bag theft. In this era of big data, companies cannot afford to overlook the value of physical security for data protection. It’s not just the inconvenience or expense of replacing the stolen items that are at stake, but potentially also leaking confidential data. It’s essential to investigate the latest security products to keep your equipment safe and secure while you travel. Secure Travel Breakthrough Compact, robust, secure solutions for the mobile professional. Why it Matters Quality products that offer convenience, ample space and protection against theft and damage.

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