With effect as of the 1st of May 2018, we are pleased to announce that COS has successfully acquired the Lyreco Australian business.

Through this acquisition, we are delighted to deliver to our customers throughout Australia a clear locally owned and operated alternative, with significant buying influence to deliver competitive prices, value added services that equal global standards, and a leadership team that is passionate about the customer experience.

The acquisition makes a lot of sense for both companies with COS seeking to continue our growth and success in providing businesses with a strong alternative to buy from an Australian owned company, and Lyreco in a phase of strategic review in Australia. We look forward to a continued partnership with Lyreco in servicing their international customers throughout Australia.

We look forward to welcoming all Lyreco customers to COS. For existing COS customers it is business as usual and you should expect no disruption to service levels. A detailed integration plan will be put into place making sure there is a smooth transition for all Lyreco customers with no disruption to COS customers; an important priority.

For further details of the Lyreco business and acquisition plan please refer to the formal press release and answers to some questions we’ve anticipated you might have regarding the acquisition and integration process.

We value your business and will remain focused on servicing your needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your COS account manager or customer service representative on 1300 88 22 44.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is Lyreco?
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Founded in 1926, Lyreco is a foreign owned private organisation which generates its revenue from the sale and distribution of office supplies and consumables in Europe & Asia. Lyreco Pty Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French-based office products supplier, Lyreco SAS. Lyreco established a presence in Australia in 2004 when it acquired the operations of the office products supplier, National 1. Today Lyreco Australia has annual revenue of $70M, employing approx. 245 people across Australia, selling a smaller but similar range of products to COS.

2) Why did COS acquire Lyreco?
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Dominique Lyone, COS Founder and current CEO, has been watching the market and looking to strategically grow the COS business to become a strong number two. COS acquired Lyreco Australia to build on the solid platform that it has already been able to create within the office supplies industry. COS was able to recognise the value within Lyreco and has been impressed by Lyreco’s operations and ability to grow and compete in the market.

Blending the COS and Lyreco business and teams, will deliver synergies that will ensure we are a mighty and respected competitor in our space. Customers in Australia will be delighted that COS is a clear locally owned and operated alternative, with significant buying influence delivering competitive prices, value added services that equal global standards, and a leadership team that is passionate about “The Customer Experience”. Together, we provide a compelling value proposition that is going to be hard to beat in the Australian market.

3) How will this affect my company/Processes?
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It is 100% business as usual for COS customers and you should not experience any impact to service levels as a result of this acquisition. COS will simply continue our growth journey becoming a larger, stronger company with more resources, skills and capability.

4) Is this a merger or an acquisition?
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Legally and financially speaking this is an acquisition. From an integration perspective, we are merging two very successful companies with similar ambitions to become a stronger provider in the B2B office supplies industry.

5) Will the COS brand change?
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We will continue to operate under the COS brand. . As Lyreco is a global entity buying the Lyreco trademark was not part of the acquisition. Over the next 12 months we will be transitioning the Lyreco brand to COS. The same applies for any Lyreco branded products.

6) Will the product range change? Will existing products still be available?
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At this stage, you will continue to see the same product range from COS. Today COS does offer a wider product range than Lyreco across many categories including cleaning, technology, canteen and furniture. As the integration of our two companies progresses, Lyreco and COS’s product ranges will be reviewed to ensure we have the right range, not the biggest. COS aims to partner with ethical suppliers who actively promote products and services with high brand equity and drive innovation. COS also partners with many factories direct around the world where we source commodity products that delivery us a competitive advantage in the market.

7) How long will the integration take?
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Our intention is to integrate Lyreco into the COS business within four months, approximately by the end of August 2018.

8) How will I be informed of any changes?
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COS is committed to a smooth transition of all Lyreco customers without any impact to the current service levels. You will continue to be updated regularly on the integration plan and progress via your account manager, the COS website and direct via email. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or customer service on 1300 88 22 44.