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August 2019 - COS Acquisition of Vital Office

Effective from 19 August 2019, the business of Vital Office has been purchased by COS.

We look forward to welcoming you to COS.  Below you will find answers to the questions we’ve anticipated you might have regarding the acquisition and integration process. 


Please note that the answers in the FAQ’s are direct responses to the named questions. They may not cover a specific question you have. If you have questions relating to the service we are offering you please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or customer service on 1300 792 785.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Cos ?

COS is the largest 100% Australian owned and operated national education and office product company.

COS was founded in 1977 by the current CEO Dominique Lyone and is joined today by his two daughters Amie & Belinda Lyone.

Servicing thousands of schools and businesses across Australia COS has a passionate focus on keeping Australian employees and students healthy and productive COS sells thousands of products used in today’s modern workplace and school including technology, kitchen and cleaning, furniture, arts and crafts, education and office supplies.

COS employs over 500 Aussies and delivers to thousands of businesses and schools every day.

2. Why did COS acquire Vital?

COS acquired the business of Vital Office to build on the solid platform that it has already been able to create within the education supplies market.

COS was attracted to Vital because of its impressive record of service and extensive success in back to school season for schools.

As part of the acquisition COS acquires the service offering of a parent portal, a new service offering for COS.

3. How will the change in ownership affect my company/processes?

Blending COS and Vital business and teams, will deliver synergies that will benefit the school buyer and Australian families at BTS time. Schools and Businesses in Australia will be delighted that COS is locally owned and operated, with significant buying influence to deliver competitive prices, a larger product range, world class website, and a leadership team that is passionate about “The Customer Experience”.

You will continue to be serviced by the same people and there will be no changes to our commitment to operational excellence. We value your business and will remain focused on exceeding your expectations. All Vital customers now have a COS account set up ready for the transition on 19th August 2019. Your dedicated account manager will be in touch soon to discuss your requirements for BTS 2020.

4. Do I need to start ordering from the COS website?

Yes if you like to order online we have created a COSnet login for all Vital customers. To make it easy for you we’ve loaded all the Vital product codes in so if you know the codes of your favourite product simply key it in and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

COSnet is the best website in the industry, when you have a moment login to and take a browse.  Of course, if you prefer to speak to someone rather than order online, that’s no problem simply call 1300 792 785 or email

5. Will I use the same password for COSnet as I did for Vital?

For privacy reasons COS is unable to access or transfer the password you were using with Vital.

The first time you enter you will be asked to reset your password. You are welcome to set up your new password to be the same as you used with Vital.

6. How will approval set ups in COSnet be handled?

As part of the set up for COSnet any approvers that were set up in Vital webshop are being carried across and will be in place ready for your first orders.

7. Has the phone number changed?

COS has set up a new phone number for vital customers – 1300 792 785. You can call this number any time during business hours.  In the short term the state based Vital phone numbers are also still live and your call will redirect to the education team at COS.

8. Do I still make payments to the same bank account?

For any outstanding Vital invoices, you will need to make payments to same bank account you have paid previously.  It’s important to know that from the 19th August 2019 your invoices will come from COS.

Please refer to your first COS invoice for bank account details and remittance process. The COS ABN is 92 001 634 715.

9. Will the product range change? Will existing products still be available?

The majority of the products that you are used to buying from Vital will still be available through COS. Today COS does offer a wider product range than Vital across many categories including cleaning, technology, canteen and furniture.  As the integration of our two companies progresses, Vital and COS’s product ranges will be reviewed to ensure we have the right range, not the biggest.

You will notice COS does carry different brands of copy paper than you are used to purchasing through Vital.  You will find a variety of options available across both Virgin, Recycled, Heavyweight and coloured copy available through COS and we guarantee the performance of all papers, money back guarantee.

COS has an extensive range of over 1,000 COS branded products across cleaning, office products and furniture offering customers great value.  COS also has exclusive access to a number of global brands in the Australian market including A+Plus writing instruments, Superprint toner cartridges, Printec labels, StickN sticky notes range, Rapesco stapling and punching and Powerfresh cleaning range.

10. Will prices change?

At this time it is business as usual. It is important to confirm that your contract remains valid and unaffected by this decision and where we have the exact brand available we will match the pricing.  You will continue to be serviced as usual and there will be no changes to our commitment to operational excellence.

At the same time the industry is going through a cycle of cost increases with price pressure across core commodities of paper and oil, combined with continued pressure on petrol and property resulting in cost increases across some product ranges which may need to be passed on.

Contractual obligations will be met and any price increases will be passed on within the contractual notice period required.

11. Should I continue to contact my Vital sales representative going forward?

Yes, as part of the acquisition COS was able to offer roles to all Vital sales representatives and everyone transitioned to COS on the 19th August. Go ahead and contact your Vital rep using the same contact details, everything is set up to redirect to their new contact details at COS, they would love to hear from you!

12. Will COS be able to offer the same back to school services I received from Vital last year?

Absolutely, COS is ready and waiting to help you with all your back to school requirements.  Whether you prefer bulk deliveries, kits to your school or kits delivered by a parent portal we are here to help.  We’ve got your favourite range of Classmate Exercise Books available and all kits will be packed into a free library bag!

13. I have a backorder with Vital, what will happen?

All outstanding open orders will be fulfilled by COS as soon as possible. You will be kept informed about any open orders.

14. Will my driver stay the same?

We recognise the importance of your driver in the delivery experience and understand the driver understands your delivery preferences. We will do our best to maintain the same drivers on the same routes however in some cases due to freight optimisation this will not be possible.

In any case where a driver must change there will be a handover between drivers to explain your requirements. All COS drivers have current working with children checks.

15. What are COS' ABN number and banking details?

» ABN number:
92 001 634 715
» Banking Details:
BankSt George Bank Limited
Swift Code: SGBLAU2S
BSB: 332027
Account name: Complete Office Supplies Pty Limited