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How to Incorporate Colours into your Working Space

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Employees spend roughly one-third of their time at work, so if the workplace is dull, uncomfortable, and uninspiring, it can have a negative impact on their productivity and mood. Working in offices with a neutral chromatic atmosphere increases the risk of burnout by 15 percent and decreases productivity by 12 percent, according to Humantech research.

According to a University of Texas research, dull colours like bland grey, beige, and white in offices cause feelings of sadness, depression, and burnout in employees. Colours impact on our mood, emotions, and even productivity levels which is frequently overlooked, especially in workplace design. Using colours doesn’t have to be limited to walls or art – making small tweaks in the environment with furniture, fixtures, stationery, or digital tools can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal without breaking employees’ focus and disrupting their workflow.

Here are some quick and handy tips for infusing colours into your workspace to boost productivity, inspire creativity, and promote harmony.

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1. Desks and Storage Units

Storage units are a timeless office component, helping you to keep various office supplies organised, neat, and out of sight. A pop of colour or an elegantly designed desk can create a clean and inspiring workspace. Incorporate coloured wall units, cupboards, and file holders, as a workplace that is bright and vibrant attracts more attention and creates a positive working environment. Incorporate colourful desk accessories, such as coloured mouse pads, coasters, and tape dispensers to influence productivity, focus, and creativity.

2. Office Supplies

To create a cool theme in your workspace, it’s essential to colour coordinate your office supplies like staplers, tape dispensers, highlighters, to drawer trays. Replace the standard, boring yellow sticky notes with some neon/pastel colours or fun shapes to help spark creativity. Brightly coloured notebooks or diaries are perfect for in-house brainstorming, planning days, or workshops and can help employees feel more alert and engaged. These are all small tweaks that can significantly improve the appearance of your working environment.

3. Colour-Coded Filing Systems

Every year, hundreds of hours are lost in Australian workplaces as employees struggle to find files, locate missing desk accessories, or navigate their way around the office. Colour-coding is a simple and cost-effective way to improve workplace organisation and productivity. Implementing a colour-coded system in your workplace is an intuitive way to organise everything from filing and resources to teams or departments. Use folders, binders, archive boxes, and suspension files to implement your colour-coding. This will quickly help to identify the categories to retrieve and return files with greater accuracy. When everything is in place, create a visual guide for your system as a handy reference and keep it near your files, as a reminder of what each colour represents.

4. Choosing Colourful Furniture

Think again! If you thought office furniture was only meant to be solid, dull, and dark! Furniture is another great way to add ‘vibrant colours’ to breakout or agile workspaces, whether it’s a bright blue or yellow sofa or installing a colourful bookcase. To make a statement try using bold and cool furniture colours, such as blues, greens, and greys for their ability to soothe, boost concentration, and reduce anxiety. A splash of red, orange, or yellow can lift the spirits and boost productivity in your employees.

  • For Reception Areas: Use colours that complement your company’s branding. However, if they’re a little too bold, you can choose soft/smooth shades of colour to make them appear more sophisticated. Decorate the reception area with a lounge chair or tub chair to complement the office space.
  • Relaxation Zones: Informal spaces such as the staff lounge, kitchen, and canteen are ideal for experimenting with colours and allowing more vibrant shades in without affecting productivity. Adding brightly coloured ottomans and stools in breakout areas provides a relaxed personal space to refocus and rejuvenate, while stimulating energy, and optimism. A quiet corner or private nook with bean bags can provide an oasis of calm in the midst of a hectic workday.
  • Collaborative Spaces: There is a growing demand for creative thinking and innovatively designed workplaces that help in brainstorming. Choose bright attractive seating and tables to encourage your staff to stay on-site and collaborate with their colleagues. Provide different seating options and tailor the space to allow mobile workers to work from there rather than a desk.

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