My favourites is a widely used COSnet feature loved by our customers. It’s function is to allow you to create standing orders, express order forms or simply put together a list of your favourite or most commonly used items.

Create groups of products, company lists for chosen products or lists for commonly used, bought or favourite products. Using the My Favourites tool will aid in simplifying your COSnet experience.

Creating favourites is very simple and can be done a number of different ways. Use this guide to help you.

Step 1

Click on the “My COSnet” button at the top right hand side of your page. From the drop down menu click on ‘My favourites’.
To create a new favourites, type in a title name in the available box and click the plus button next to it to create.


Step 2

To add a product to an existing favourites, simply search for the required product and click the ‘add to favourites’ button underneath the add to cart button. If you have multiple favourites, when you hover over the ‘add to favourites’ button you’ll be able to choose the appropriate list of your choice.


Step 2

If you’d like to save an entire order under a favourites, you can! Simply prepare the order as normal. Once you are ready, hover over your cart to choose view order. Once in your ‘view order’ page, simply click on the ‘add to favourites’ button underneath your order total.


Step 2

If you’d like to order your favourites list. Go into my favourites, choose the list of your choice and click the ‘order’ button.

Favourites list