How to build multiple orders at the same time

This function allows you to be working on multiple orders at once. Each order will be assigned its own order number. You will then check out each order separately.

Start by adding a product to your first order. You will notice that at the top centre of your screen now appears your order number.


You can also hover over the cart icon up top and click on your order number to view products currently in your cart.


To create another order, go to the top of the screen where you order number appears and select Create New Order. Then add products required to the new order. A new order number will be assigned, and that order number will now appear at the top centre of your screen.

The order number that is displayed on the top centre of your screen, is the current order you are working on. Therefore if you were to add stock to an order, this is the order it would add the stock to, unless you selected another order.


Multiple Cart Management function allows you to add your own personal reference to each order that you are working on. Once you hover over your shopping cart icon you will notice a button called Manage Orders.


In this feature, you can see a list of all your current orders with an option to add your own order reference, which is referred to as an Alias. Simply type in your chosen Alias in the nominated field, and select Update Alias.


You will now notice that whenever you view this order number, your chosen Order Alias also appears next to it. For example you can name one of your orders Kitchen cupboard and other Cleaning cupboard, this will help you distinguish the items which you ordered for each area in your office.