UPF RATING PROTECTION CATEGORY %UV RADIATION BLOCKED 15 - 20 GOOD 93.3 - 95.9 25 - 35 VERY GOOD 96.0 - 97.4 40 - 50+ EXCELLENT 97.5 OR MORE UPF RATING AS USED BY ARPANSA BA51 Urban ½ Waist Apron Straps 314 BA52 Urban Bib Apron Straps 312 BA54 Urban ½ Waist Apron 314 BA55 Urban Bib Apron 312 BA75 Salt Bib Apron 318 BA93 Continental Style Full Length Apron 320 BA94 Short Waisted Apron 321 BA95 Bib Apron 316 H132ML Classic Unisex Lab Coat 331 H133LS Eden Ladies Tunic 327 H134LS Zen Ladies Crossover Tunic 326 H630L Spa Ladies Tunic 324 H632L Bliss Ladies Tunic 325 H10610 Classic Unisex Scrubs Cargo Pant 328 H10612 Classic Unisex Scrubs Top 328 H10620 Classic Ladies Scrubs Bootleg Pant 329 H10622 Classic Ladies Scrubs Top 329 H10722 Contrast Ladies Crossover Scrubs Top 330 JACKETS J123ML Base Unisex Jacket 309 J236ML Core Unisex Jacket 304 J307K Geneva Kids Jacket 282 J307L Geneva Ladies Jacket 282 J307M Geneva Mens Jacket 282 J404L Geneva Ladies Vest 284 J404M Geneva Mens Vest 284 J418L Quantum Ladies Jacket 292 J418M Quantum Mens Jacket 292 J510M Charger Unisex Jacket 286 J515L Stealth Ladies Hoodie Jacket 298 J515M Stealth Mens Hoodie Jacket 298 J616L Stealth Ladies Vest 300 J616M Stealth Mens Vest 300 J638L Oslo Ladies Jacket 294 J638M Oslo Mens Jacket 294 J740K Apex Kids Jacket 276 J740L Apex Ladies Jacket 276 J740M Apex Mens Jacket 276 J744 Zippies 280 J750L Expedition Ladies Jacket 296 J750M Expedition Mens Jacket 296 J830L Apex Ladies Vest 278 J830M Apex Mens Vest 278 J833 Spinnaker Unisex Jacket 308 J3825 Soft Shell Ladies Jacket 288 J3880 Soft Shell Mens Jacket 288 J3881 Soft Shell Mens Vest 289 J3887 Reactor Mens Jacket 307 J8600 Trekka Unisex Jacket 306 J10110 Nitro Unisex Jacket 302 J10910 Summit Mens Jacket 290 J10920 Summit Ladies Jacket 290 J29123 Soft Shell Ladies Vest 289 HOSPITALITY HEALTH & BEAUTY None of the images in this catalogue may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Colours are reproduced as closely as printing allows. STYLEBOOK DOWNLOADS Our inspirational stylebooks show you how easy it is to coordinate a great looking uniform. SEE IT LIVE Watch our campaign videos and see our styles in action. FITTING ROOM Use our virtual fitting room to help you create and share your favourite outfits. LEARN MORE Find product details, download informative style sheets, watch catwalk videos and more! DISCOVER EXCLUSIVE ONLINE CONTENT 337

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