1300 88 22 44 live chat 31 OFFICE PRODUCTS COS® Magnets Available in: Black, Red, Green, Assorted COS®Whiteboard Magnetic Caddy COS® Double-Sided Mini Whiteboard COS® Tripod Easel COS®Whiteboard Erasers Available in: Magnetic, Mini, Refillable COS® Flipchart Pads Available in: Recycled Pads, Dual Adhesive Pads COS® StudentWhiteboard COS® Mini Magnetic Whiteboard Below is a simple strategy, which involves writing on two Stick’n™ sticky notes at the start of each day, to help you visualise and achieve your goals. Start the day on the right note! At the start of the day, jot down a mantra or objective to serve as a quick dose of inspiration, to set you on the right path for the day ahead “Today I will…” End the day on the right note! On this second sticky note, also write down at the start of the day, a question that will allow you to reflect on the day, “Did I…?” 1 2 Writing your goals down, signals to your brain “this is important.” Your reticular activating system (RAS) then flags relevant opportunities and tools to achieve that goal. Simple Stick’n ™ Sticky Note It’s hard to build a house without a blueprint and similarly, you’re more likely to successfully achieve your goals, when they are written down. We already know that diaries and notebooks are useful for goal setting, but Stick’n™ sticky notes can also serve a purpose in this area. Science has proven that “seeing is believing” and that visualising your goals or tasks at the start of the day, is a widely used and effective practice for achievement. t his is important Visit to view the Stick’n range.

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