INN VATE INSPIRATION FOR THE MODERN OFFICE MARCH 2018 INN VATE INSPIRATION FOR THE MODERN OFFICE MARCH 2018 INN VATE 1300 13 52 79 April, 2018 34 Workplace Ergonomics 10 tips for keeping your body naturally attuned 1. Interject more movement and alleviate back-strain by using a sit-stand desk 2. Stand to take phone calls and walking with colleagues to brainstorm 3. Switch between your chair and a large stability ball, which will force you to engage your muscles 4. Sit upright! It might sound obvious, but are you doing it? Slouching puts pressure on the discs and vertebrae of your back 5. Be aware of your head position, and try to keep the weight of your head directly above the neck. Don’t “crane” your head and neck forward 6. To further minimise neck strain the monitor/laptop should be placed directly in front of you. Adjust your chair so the monitor is no higher than eye level 7. To avoid eye strain, your monitor should ideally sit at least an arm’s length away from you 8. Check that the weight of your arms is supported. If not, the muscles of your neck and shoulders will be tense by the end of the day 9. If possible, use a headset or a device that doesn’t require you to hold your phone up to your ear for long periods of time 10. If your feet don’t comfortably reach the floor or there is pressure on the backs of your legs, use a footrest or lower the keyboard and chair

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