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New Future Opti by UPM

What would be the impact if every Australian switched to a lighter office paper?

New Future Opti, by UPM is exclusive to COS and answers all your needs for sustainable paper products.

As an FSC® certified office paper, it has a lighter environmental impact and comes complete with a unique biodegradable, recyclable and plastic free wrapper.

Did you know that most office papers have a plastic coated wrapper that is difficult to recycle?

Compared to using a heavier office paper, we could reduce our footprint by:

  • 1,700 Olympic swimming pools of water
  • Emissions equivalent to 80,000 passenger vehicles
  • 80,000,000 plastic-coated office paper ream wrappers
  • Fibre equivalent to 10,000,000 reams

New Future Opti Unique Features:

  • Has a lighter grade minimises environmental impact
  • Has a plastic-free and biodegradable (EN 13432) wrapper that can be recycled in waste paper bins
  • Responsible Fibre™ ,by UPM label ensures that paper is responsibly produced and meets the industry’s most stringent sustainability requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Responsible Fibre™ by UPM guarantees that the papers’ wood raw material meets the industry’s most demanding responsibility criteria. Responsible Fibre™ assures that:

  • Paper is produced responsibly
  • Fibre comes from sustainably managed forests
  • Biodiversity and wildlife are respected in forestry operations
  • People and surrounding communities are treated responsible

Current paper reams used world-wide contain a laminated PE, BOPP, or PP lamination. Because the New Future by UPM wrap is made from UPM UniqueBarrTM , which can protect the product without plastic lamination, the office paper wrapping process has less production steps; this also helps reduce carbon emissions from transportation between different facilities.

Independent test reports show that the wrapper fulfills the biodegradation requirement of EN13432 (2000) within 45 days.

This wrapper can be put into your paper recycling bin. No other wrapper is currently able to do this.

EN13432 (2000) is a European standard for the industrial compostability of packaging. The product test has been carried out by a third party and results have shown that the material used for the wrapper does fulfill the evaluation criteria for material characteristics, biodegradation and compost quality.


Responsible Fibre™ verified by UPM guarantees the product meets the industry’s environmental and social responsibility criteria, as verified by a third party.

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