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Reconciliation Action Plan

Our vision for reconciliation is that First Nations peoples experience equity when it comes to education, careers, health outcomes, and quality of life. At COS, we are committed to expanding our contribution towards achieving reconciliation.

Reconciliation Action Plan

As part of our commitment, in 2021 we developed the Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), that set out specific actions and targets in four key areas: Relationships, Respect, Opportunities, and Governance. We are proud to report that we have achieved significant milestones in each of these areas. These achievements are outlined in our RAP Report Card. Further to this, we have developed and implemented a First Nations Cultural Protocols Guide, which supports the facilitation of meaningful engagement. By implementing cultural protocols, we can promote greater understanding and appreciation of First Nations cultures and establish ourselves as trustworthy and respectful partners in the eyes of First Nations communities.

We are committed to educating our teams, customers, suppliers, and networks about First Nations cultures while respecting protocols and traditions. Resources like these support our work with First Nations communities and honour their rich traditions.

First Nations Supplier Engagement

We are excited to be part of a positive movement creating opportunities for First Nations peoples, their communities, businesses, and suppliers. Our First Nations brands are hand-picked for their strong commitment to providing local jobs and giving back to local communities. The Muru range, our largest First Nations partner, has grown to include office stationery, copy paper, and kitchen supplies – with each purchase of a Muru product providing direct social and economic support to First Nations communities around Australia.

We continue to partner with and expand existing relationships with First Nations businesses that have a strong community presence and prioritise giving back. Spending with certified First Nations suppliers generates a social and economic value of $4.41 for every dollar invested, emphasising the potential of our partnerships. Read more about partners we are currently doing great work with here.

Muru Range

Muru Range

Committed to creating pathways for future generations, Muru Group is the largest First Nations owned and operated office products company in Australia, boasting the best range in the industry. Exclusive to COS.

Yaru Water

Yaru Water

Yaru Water is a social enterprise that tells an important cultural story, whilst creating better health outcomes for First Nations communities through the Yaru Foundation.

Corporate Connect.AB

Corporate Connect First Nations Artist

Featuring the stunning artwork of Aboriginal artist Keith Brown, all purchases from this collection goes towards the First Nations community, to enhance social and economic conditions.

Earth Blends

Earth Blends

Committed to giving back & creating meaningful outcomes for First Nations peoples. Has over 70 years’ experience & partnerships with Karden LOOP & FreshFood. Make a positive social impact.

Ngiilay Gift Boxes

Ngiilay Gift Boxes , Gifts "From here", a First Nations business selling gift boxes comprised of items sourced from First Nations suppliers. Social return with profits to First Nations artists and artisans.

Kylie Captain

Kylie Captain Range

Kylie Captain a Gamilaroi woman who found herself leading teachers and staff on the journey around First Nations education as well as as Aboriginal histories and cultures.


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