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Gamification of waste

Gamification and Waste Management

Gamification has been increasingly utilised across many industries to help save the environment and cut down on greenhouse gasses.

Man Throwing Plastic Bottle in Segregated Trash Bins

The Future of Workplace Waste Management: Smart Bins

Smart waste bins and traditional waste bins both serve the fundamental purpose of collecting and managing waste, but they offer distinct features and functionalities. Let’s explore their benefits and impacts on efficiency and sustainability.

Waste bin with garbage and plastic bag waste

How to Avoid Contamination in Waste Bins

Despite clear labelling and informational campaigns about proper waste segregation, contamination remains a persistent issue. If food scraps, plastic bags, and containers with food residues are placed in the recycling bin alongside bottles and cans, they can contaminate the recycling stream, resulting in the entire batch being diverted to landfill.

Woman confused about throwing garbage in Recycling Bins

What is Wish Cycling and Why is it Bad?

Wish cycling contributes to Australia’s contaminated recycling problem by causing incorrectly labelled waste, non-recyclable waste, and contaminated recyclable materials to degrade other batches of recycling.

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