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Paper glossary

Paper Glossary 

We’ve compiled a list of many of the more common paper words or phrases to help you better understand the uses and properties of the paper you are buying.

Tea farmer plucking leaves

How Zoetic is Making a Difference in the Tea Community with Fairtrade

Zoetic has recognised the importance of Fairtrade and collaborates with Fairtrade certified plantations to establish an equitable supply chain. By embracing Fairtrade principles, Zoetic not only ensures the highest quality tea but also uplifts the lives of tea farmers and their communities.

Handy Tips for Reducing Office Waste

Handy Tips for Reducing Office Waste

Office waste can come in many forms, from packaging of products to bags, paper, printer toner and even pens. With so many sources of waste being not only common but all but essential to the workplace, how can organisations go about reducing waste in the workplace?

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