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We’re passionate about sharing our success with our fellow Australians, we are committed to donating $1million per year to Australian charities through the Lyone Foundation.

The Lyone Foundation was created in 2013 as the legacy of the Lyone family after their journey from Egypt to Australia. The Foundation allows the family to repay the kindness and support they received on their arrival in Australia, providing them with a platform to thrive in their new country. The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to contribute $1 million to Australian charities each year.

COS’ success has allowed the Lyone Foundation to make a positive contribution to disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised people across Australia.

“Every one of our customers, however large or small, has contributed to the growth and success of the Lyone Foundation. By engaging with COS you can make a direct difference to the lives of others.”


At COS we pride ourselves on living our values of cultural and social diversity. Our staff come from over 20 different ethnic backgrounds and around half are born in a country other than Australia.

The principles of respect and culture tolerance are embraced by COS staff, with acceptance of religious practices, flexible working arrangements for religious festivals and regular multicultural lunches. COS makes a real effort to attract the best talent and create a platform for sustainable innovation through the shared knowledge and experience of our diverse workforce.


Indigenous Engagement

As an active member of Supply Nation, COS® is committed to promoting opportunities for Indigenous business within Australia, ultimately supporting start up entrepreneurs to contribute to their local communities. We feature a broad, ever expanding range of Indigenous workplace supply products in a wide range of categories including office stationery, copy paper and kitchen supplies.
COS® is the exclusive distributor of the Muru range. Muru Group is a Supply Nation Certified business and is committed to creating a pathway for Indigenous prosperity, with the ultimate goal of forging a positive legacy for future generations of Indigenous people.
Indigenous businesses reinvest revenue in their communities. For every $1 dollar of revenue, Indigenous businesses create $4.41 of economic and social value (Source: The Sleeping Giant Report conducted by Supply Nation 2015).

Muru Group

COS is the exclusive distributor of the Muru Group range  of office stationery. Muru Group is a Supply Nation Certified business founded in 2012 by CEO Mitchell Ross, a Bidjigal man from La Perouse in south-east Sydney. Muru means “Pathway” in the language of the Bidjigal people and Muru Group is committed to creating a “pathway” for Indigenous prosperity, with the ultimate goal of forging a positive legacy for future generations of Indigenous people.

Muru Group was chosen as a COS supplier due to its commitment of giving back to Indigenous communities, with a substantial portion of Muru Group’s profits going towards Indigenous community initiatives.

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Indigenous children are 20-30% less likely to meet national reading and numeracy standards when entering school. Muru Group is proudly funding an early childhood development centre in Far North Queensland. Over 30 Indigenous children receive free access to the playgroup program with the aim to encourage their development through a structured, developmentally-based playgroup.

Computer Literacy Training

Computer Literacy Training

Muru Group has worked with Indigenous communities to help in developing sustainable employment opportunities.
Muru Group CEO, Mitchell Ross, has a strong background in IT and business and regularly conducts computer literacy and mentoring programs in remote Indigenous communities.

“Each purchase of a Muru product provides direct social and economic support to Indigenous communities.”

Supply Nation

COS is a proud member of Supply Nation, an organisation which connects corporate and Government bodies with Indigenous suppliers. As a member, COS is committed to increasing our engagement with Indigenous businesses through active networking and a proactive sourcing policy to further develop our Indigenous range. The last four years has seen a significant increase in our involvement with Indigenous suppliers, with a current annual spend in excess of $1 million.
COS was recently awarded the Supplier Diversity Partnership of the Year Award at the Supply Nation Connect Awards. This award celebrates the success of COS’ partnership with Muru Group, and represents our commitment to support and promote opportunities for Indigenous businesses and communities throughout Australia

Eco-Conscious Products

COS has carefully selected over 2,500 eco-conscious products to help reduce the impact on the environment. We give priority to suppliers who demonstrate ongoing innovation and investment in environmentally friendly products to allow our customers to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Eco Consicous Products

Environmental Certification

COS has carefully selected over 2,500 eco-conscious products to help reduce the impact on the environment. We give priority to suppliers who demonstrate ongoing innovation and investment in environmentally friendly products to allow our customers to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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    Supply Nation

  • EU Ecolabel

    EU Ecolabel

  • Good Environmental Choice Australia

    Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)

  • Australian Certified Organic

    Australian Certified Organic



  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

  • Fairtrade


  • Rainforest Alliance

    Rainforest Alliance

  • UTZ Certified

    UTZ Certified

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)



  • CRI


Planet Friendly Habits

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    Frequency of Order – reducing how often you order not only increases your efficiency, it also reduces carbon emissions caused by transport

  • Planet Friendly Products

    Planet Friendly Products – purchasing products that are more planet friendly ensures that the world’s resources are used more efficiently and the impact on the environment is minimised

  • Packaging

    Packaging – a products packaging can have an impact on the environment; why not consider a larger pack size, which results in less packaging disposal

  •  Packaging Disposal

     Packaging Disposal – upon receipt of your delivery, consider the disposal of the packaging, can you reuse the carton? Is the packaging recyclable?

  • Product Use

    Product Use – maximising the life of products not only saves you money but also helps reduce impact on the environment. Simple habits e.g. printing double-sided or reusing lever arch files make a difference

  • Product Disposal

    Product Disposal – help the environment by disposing of your product appropriately, recycle wherever possible.



Confirm the factory is not employing underage staff, workers are in a healthy/sanitary environment, and wages are paid in line with labour laws?


What materials are being used and where are they sourced from?


What type of machines are being used and what are the carbon emissions?

Mother Nature

What impact is the manufacturing process having on the surrounding environment – either through the sourcing, physical production or waste disposal of the factory?


What manufacturing and waste disposal processes are used in the factory? Are they efficient and do they have minimal impact on the surrounding environment?

Ethical Sourcing

At COS, we place a high level of importance on the behaviour of our total supply chain, as we believe this is where we can make the most significant impact. A core focus of managing our relationships with suppliers is ensuring they share our commitment to social and environmental responsibilities.
COS places preference with suppliers practicing ethically responsible methods of sourcing and manufacturing whilst maintaining world best practice labour standards.

COS & the Environment

At the heart of the COS corporate social responsibility policy is a single, inspiring goal – that ultimately our day-to-day operations will produce zero impact on the environment. As we move towards this goal we are striving to make a greater contribution to sustainability by considering how we use our resources in the best interests of the community and the planet.

COS Environmental Practices

COS takes great pride in being the first organisation in our industry to receive accreditation for environmental management standard ISO 14001. This means that we comply with the standards that frame world best practices for business in minimising environmental impact.

COs Warehouse Initiatives

Careful unpacking of incoming cartons to allow for re-use
Purchase of cartons made from recycled material
Recycling of plastic shrink wrap from pallets
Sky lights to increase natural lighting and reduce use of electricity
Mesh racking innovation allowing light to disperse across aisles reducing use of electricity

COS Office Initiatives

Sensor lighting to help conserve power
Internal KPI to manage waste to recycling per staff ratio
Reduction of electric light wattage and increased introduction of sky lights
Use of remanufactured toner cartridges for internal printing requirements
Minimisation of air travel by increasing use of webinars and video conferencing
Internal environmental training and participation in national environment awareness days