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15 Essential Supplies for a Kindergarten Classroom 

From crayons to carpet dots, there are many supplies that a kindergarten classroom should have to inspire young minds.
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From the tools that ignite creativity to the resources that foster a love for learning and the items essential for keeping the classroom clean and safe, we have curated a comprehensive list of must-have items that will set the stage for an exciting educational journey. Join us as we delve into the world of kindergarten supplies and discover the key ingredients for a thriving and dynamic classroom environment. 


Every classroom needs pencils, and lots of them – lead pencils for writing practice and coloured pencils for drawing and colouring. Jumbo coloured pencils are easy for little hands to hold, as are jumbo HB pencils. Whatever pencils you get for your classroom, make sure you get a lot, make sure they are non-toxic and that you have a good pencil sharpener at the ready.


Even more than pencils, crayons allow little artists to unleash their creativity and create magical masterpieces ready for their parents’ fridge. What’s more adorable than a bunch of kindergarteners proudly displaying their colourful artwork, adorned with their favourite crayon shades? 


Every classroom needs paper, but kindergarten classes need multiple kinds of paper. You need drawing paper for the kids to create their masterpieces on, coloured paper for art projects and decoration, lined paper for letter and number practice and drawing paper, coloured paper, lined paper and kraft paper to wrap things, create large sheets so multiple kids can work on them and any other purpose you or they may think of.

You should also probably collect newspapers as well – every kid must experiment with papier mâché at some stage!

Flash Cards

Flash cards are fantastic for kindergarten classrooms because they transform learning into playing. Using colourful images and simple words, flash cards help young minds grasp new concepts and improve their vocabulary. Plus, they make learning feel like a game, adding an exciting element of competition and engagement. Whether it’s counting, letters, or shapes, flash cards are a fantastic tool that sparks curiosity and turns learning into a delightful journey! 


Stickers are a must-have for every kindergarten teacher because they are magical motivators that ignite a sense of accomplishment in young learners! They reward and reinforce positive behaviour, encouraging students to stay engaged and participate eagerly. Stickers also make learning fun by adding an element of playfulness to activities, and they can be used for various educational purposes, from labeling objects to practicing counting or sorting.


Every kindergarten classroom needs an ample supply of books for the kids to read during quiet time. The selection should ideally include age-appropriate picture books filled with colourful illustrations and engaging stories that teach valuable lessons and reflect the diverse experiences and cultures of the students. There should also be a selection of books that introduce basic concepts like colours, shapes, numbers, and letters to help develop early literacy. 

Magnetic Whiteboard

A magnetic whiteboard gives a kindergarten teacher a large surface to write or draw on, making it easy for all the children in the class to see what is going on. It doesn’t matter if you’re showing kids letters, numbers, colours or anything else during the school day, a whiteboard is the perfect piece of equipment for the classroom. A magnetic whiteboard allows for even more functionality, allowing teachers to attach artworks or worksheets to the board, or use as a big platform for magnetic numbers and letters.

Just make sure you have an ample supply of dry erase whiteboard markers and a whiteboard eraser easy to hand.

Craft Supplies

Every kindergarten classroom should be stocked with a treasure trove of craft supplies to ignite creativity and imagination! Essential supplies include crepe paper for endless crafts and projects, washable markers for vibrant drawings without worries of messes, and a variety of glue sticks and safety scissors for little hands to create masterpieces. These supplies foster artistic expression, fine motor skill development, and a whole lot of crafty fun!

A Colourful Rug

Most, if not all, classrooms are already carpeted, so why would anyone want a colourful rug for a kindergarten class? Well, a rug can liven up what may otherwise be a rather drab and colourless room, making it more welcoming and appealing to little kids who may not want to be away from their parents. A rug also adds a focal point to the floor, making it easy for children to know where to sit or stand during classes or reading time. A short pile rug is also a perfect surface for attaching carpet dots.

Carpet Dots

If you need to mark seating positions on the floor, standing positions for attention, or simply want to create an impromptu game like Twister, carpet dots are what you need. These colourful round markers use tiny soft hooks to attach to any short pile carpet like Velcro and will remain securely in place until you are ready to remove them. 

Educational Toys and Games

Learning through play is important for small children and there’s no better way to learn than educational toys and games. Anything from kinetic sand, giant dice and animal counters, to boardgames and teaching toys can help little minds understand new concepts or develop their reading and counting skills. Playing with toys and games in the classroom can even help kids learn about cooperation, sharing and patience! 

Storage Containers

Given all the toys, games, pencils, crayons, craft supplies, books and stickers in a kindergarten classroom, having enough storage is a must. Storage containers, ranging from large, lidded boxes for toys and games, to smaller craft caddies can ensure that the classroom remains clutter free. Proper storage can also help the students learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves.


A simple box of tissues is an invaluable resource in any kindergarten classroom. It doesn’t matter if you need to wipe a runny nose, dry tears, clean a pair of glasses, wipe up a spill or pick up something horrible from the floor, a tissue is your best friend.

Wet wipes

No matter how well you prepare for a lesson, how carefully you monitor the kids or how little paint was available there is one universal truth for kindergarten classes – kids will make a mess of themselves and the classroom. For the convenience of cleaning kids and rooms alike, there’s nothing quite as convenient as plastic-free and alcohol-free, compostable hand and surface wipes and plastic, alcohol and soap free plant-based hypoallergenic baby wipes.

First Aid Kit

You never want to think about little kids getting hurt but it’s better to be prepared than get caught out. A good first aid kit contains everything a kindergarten teacher needs to disinfect and dress a skinned knee, take care of a cut, remove a splinter or take care of a hurt child until professional help arrives. First aid kits are compact enough to be kept in a drawer or on a shelf, or can be mounted on a wall, out of the reach of inquisitive little hands, for easy teacher access.

Teachers need to keep an eye on their first aid kit, not just top ensure that inquisitive little hands and grabbing anything they shouldn’t, but also because it’s vital that first aid kits are kept fully stocked. Any time something in the kit is used, or a product expires, it should be replaced immediately. 

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