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Stocking office kitchen with healthy snacks

5 Benefits of Having a Well-stocked Office Kitchen

The office kitchen or break room is the heart of any workplace; it’s where staff go to take a break from the grind, catch-up, hydrate, and have their meals.
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The office kitchen or break room is the heart of any workplace; it’s where staff go to take a break from the grind, catch-up, hydrate, and have their meals. According to a recent Hays report, nearly three-quarters of Australian workers do not take their full designated lunch break, with nearly one in ten skipping lunch altogether. Health and productivity experts believe this can have a big impact on the overall health and wellbeing of many Australians.

Skipping lunch can cause fatigue, drowsiness, a shorter attention span, and a slower rate of information processing. Having a well-kept, appealing, and stocked kitchen can encourage employees to take breaks on-time to refuel their bodies and refresh their minds to be more productive.

The Australian Institute of Business has formally recognised the value of employee motivation in raising morale and increasing productivity. It emphasised the importance of leaders recognising, appreciating, and rewarding their employees, and what better way to do this than by stocking your office kitchen with a variety of beverages and nutritious snacks for your team?

Here’s how a well-stocked office kitchen can improve your employee’s overall wellbeing and productivity.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Workplace culture and additional ‘perks’ are more likely to be the factors that influence employees’ happiness. Having a well-stocked office kitchen shows that the company is willing to go above and beyond in providing benefits to make employees feel valued and cared for. Access to snacks and treats at work can increase overall job satisfaction by 67 percent.

Easy Access to Supplies

Having employees that come in and out of the office regularly can be quite disruptive for your business. A well-stocked kitchen can encourage staff to stay in the workplace rather than going out to grab a coffee, tea, or snack. Two out of every five Australians, according to Roy Morgan Research, ‘tend to eat throughout the day.’ So, if your office kitchen is stocked with energy-dense foods you can be assured that your staff will remain focused, productive, energetic, and happy.

Improved Productivity

According to a recent Tork survey, 38 percent of employees don’t feel encouraged to take a lunch break. We all know how crucial it is to take micro-breaks away from our workstations. Getting up and moving around reduces muscle aches and pains that can occur from sitting for long periods. A well-stocked kitchen gives employees the option to take a break to grab a snack and regain energy to continue with their daily tasks. By making snacks readily available to your staff, you can help them maintain their productivity while reducing the risk of burnout.

Encourage Healthy Habits

When it comes to a midday meal, employees’ 9-to-5 grind often causes them to prioritise convenience over nutrition. According to a Medibank Private survey, Australian employees with poor diets missed up to nine times as many days from work each year as compared to healthier co-workers. After 3 p.m., some employees start feeling tired and sluggish, and dehydration is a main cause of the afternoon slump. To counter this, keeping water keeping water and nutritional snacks on hand can help to keep employees hydrated, happy, and productive, with absences down. Consider sourcing kitchen supplies from Fairtrade certified firms to help support local businesses and farmers throughout Australia.

Additional Hiring Perks

Snacks have been emphasised as a strategy to entice employees to new organisations, with an increase in millennials joining the workforce and a growing ‘foodie’ culture. Providing free snacks can be a part of a broader initiative to boost a company’s health. Furthermore, a well-stocked kitchen with eco-conscious disposable supplies is an important aspect in retaining employees and keeping the workplace environmentally friendly. Many job seekers opt for offices that are eco-conscious.

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