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Celebrate the Season With Handmade Christmas Cards

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Traditionally, at around this time every year people start to send out Christmas cards. In recent years though many have opted for the instant results of e-cards or an email, doing away with the tradition. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic this festive season, why not try sending a handmade Christmas card?

Christmas is the perfect opportunity for kids of all ages to create beautiful handmade Christmas cards for grandparents, family members, and teachers. And there’s no reason that adults can’t get in on the fun too!

It’s super easy, follow along with our step-by-step instructions below to make your own DIY handmade Christmas card!

Things you need for your handmade Christmas card:

Steps to make a shaker snow globe-inspired Christmas card

Step 1: Take an A4 size craft paper and fold it from the middle

Christmas Card for kids

Step 2: Draw a circle using any round object and cut it out

Handmade Christmas card

Step 3: Now take a blue A4 sheet, draw a bigger circle and cut it out

Christmas card decoration

Step 4: Take a cello wrap sheet and trace the bigger circle and cut it out using scissors. Paste the cut-outs on the card using a glue stick

Christmas card decoration

Step 5: Now take some decorative paper and draw the globe bottom, after that take a white and green A4 sheet and draw a snow landscape and 2 Christmas trees and cut them out

Handmade Christmas card

Step 6: Paste the cut-outs using a glue stick on the blue circle and draw the Christmas tree trunk using a brown pencil colour

Decorating a handmade Christmas Card

Step 7: Take double-sided tape and cut into small pieces and stick them on the back of the card circle

Christmas card decoration tipss

Step 8: Decorate the blue circle with rhinestones using a glue stick. Take some coloured glitter and spread it over the cellophane cut-out and remove the double-sided tape top paper coating

Christmas card decorating

Step 9: At the end, take a blue sharpie and write your message on the card. And, your snow globe inspired handmade Christmas card is ready to shake and spread its magic

Snow globe Christmas card

Don’t forget to include a sweet little message inside your handmade Christmas card to spread some joy and cheer all around!

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