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The Benefits of Making the Switch to Sustainable Packaging

Using sustainable packaging is a simple way to show your environmental credentials—with no need to pass on higher costs to consumers.
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Encouraging sustainability across a company’s operations is central to meeting mandated targets while bringing in and retaining consumers who are increasingly taking businesses’ eco-credentials into account when shopping.

For COS, being Australian-owned and having strong community ties means we feel a sense of responsibility to our customers and the wider environmental landscape. For that reason, we’ve instituted a strong environmental focus into all areas.

If you’re thinking of doing the same but worrying big sacrifices need to be made, we’re here to reassure you—being eco-conscious has brought a range of benefits which can apply to any company looking to go down the same path.

The Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

Facts about packaging

This last bit of information is especially important to consider. Even with robust eco practices, once the material is provided to the customer, there is no guarantee of environmentally-friendly disposal. With research showing how much damage plastic is doing to the health of entire ecosystems, it is obvious that more needs to be done.

The solution we’ve found is to go beyond plastic where possible—even the recyclable variety—offering our customers zero-plastic sustainable and compostable paper packaging as part of their operations.

Benefits to business

What benefits will your business see from switching to sustainable packaging?Here is what we’ve found:

Customer Growth

The number of consumers willing to shop around and even pay a premium for environmentally friendly goods is increasing. Using sustainable packaging is a simple way to show your environmental credentials—with no need to pass on higher costs to consumers.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly packaging is produced from recycled waste material, reducing the energy and natural resources required during the process of production.

Reduced Costs

Businesses who strive to become more environmentally friendly benefit from an overall 18% boost in ROI. In terms of sustainable packaging, both purchase and disposal are cheaper.


When packaging is composted in landfill, it does not produce methane, making it considerably better for the environment than plastic, even the type that can be recycled.

Moving to sustainable packaging is simple

The message is clear: switching to eco-friendly options is a way to meet customers’ expectations and adhere to
sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. In addition, sticking with materials such as single-use plastics are only going to become more expensive, with various initiatives committed to phasing them out.

APCO’s 2025 packaging targets—of which COS is a participant—is one of the most forward thinking and ambitious drives to end single-use plastic production and use in as short a timeframe as possible. Whether you join an external initiative such as this or create internal policies focusing on sustainable packaging, you can grow your business while playing a key part in ensuring the next generations of Australians inherit a safe and thriving planet.

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