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6 Products to Help you Reduce Stress at Work

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Workplace stress is a constant concern, affecting employees’ health and wellbeing as well as the productivity of businesses. It is often described as the silent killer, with the risk that if we don’t take steps to reduce stress it will take a toll on our mental and physical health. As per the United Nations, workplace stress is a “global epidemic” that affects millions worldwide.

The Australian Psychological Society’s Stress and Wellbeing study revealed lower levels of wellbeing and greater levels of stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms among the population. According to an Ipsos survey, half of Australians (51%) have reported feeling anxious because of changes in work routines as the pandemic has taken an emotional toll on employees in Australia and throughout the world, with many of our efforts to reduce stress being completely undone.

According to a study by global HR business ADP, more than three-quarters of Australians feel stressed at work, yet many believe they cannot seek help from their managers. Australians are also among the least likely in the world to discuss/talk about mental health issues in the workplace. A Safe Work Australia report reveals that work-related stress leads to the most prolonged periods of absenteeism among employees, costing about 92 million working days each year and a direct cost to businesses of around $10.11 billion.

Nowadays, experiencing work-related stress is unavoidable; regardless of the measures taken by businesses, employees are vulnerable to workplace stress. At work, employees can engage in various activities to reduce stress like Yoga, meditation, and corporate massage treatment. In addition to this, there are different stress-relieving products that employees can use while sitting at their desks. So, take a few moments and try one of the below activities to reduce stress levels.


Mindful Colouring

Take some time out and indulge in some mindful colouring. Colouring is a great way to unwind after a long stressful day at work as it offers a healthy distraction and helps in diverting the mind from stress-causing events. So, grab on your coloured pencils and markers, and start colouring.

Stress ball to relieve stress at work

Stress Balls

Stress balls are a fantastic way to relieve stress and help in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. These squishy gel balls can act as a daily diversion in your routine to detox and rejuvenate. It can help you to concentrate better, relax, and remove unnecessary stress. These squishy balls can be used in your everyday work routine to reduce stress, improve your health, and boost your productivity.

Relieve stress at work with slime therapy

Slime Therapy

Slime is a simple yet highly effective tool that can help you to relax when stress hits. Slime helps in distracting from all anxiety and negativity and works just like meditation. Slime triggers a tingling sensation, and the physical motion of continuous squeezing, folding, stretching, and poking makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Push Fidget Popper

Fidget Toys

As employees don’t get enough time to engage in physical activities while at work, fidget toys can be a valuable tool for relaxing muscles. Fidget toys assists in alleviating stress while providing an outlet to release negative energy. So, if you feel anxious and need a way to release stress during tense situations, give fidget toys like pop fidgets a try and POP away your stress!

Green tea to relieve stress

Sip on a Green Tea

We are frequently surrounded by triggers in our daily life that cause stress and anxiety. One of the easiest ways to combat stress is to drink a hot beverage, and green tea is an ideal choice. Green tea has been proven to improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety while promoting numerous other health benefits. So, to reduce stress at work, try to unwind by indulging in a soothing cup of green tea.

Improve concentration with clay modelling

Clay Modelling

If you’ve ever spent time colouring and doodling and felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards, then clay modelling will take your experience to the next level. According to the American Art Therapy Association Journal, 45 minutes of an art-making session – such as sculpting clay models or drawing, reduces stress levels and anxiety. Unwind and soothe your mind and body while sculpting clay as it helps to clear your thoughts, and improve your concentration.

Today, one of the most significant hurdles to productivity and employees wellness is stress. It damages one’s ability to think clearly and can result in a variety of mental health problems. Making certain lifestyle changes can help improve mental health, and prioritising self-care is one of the most beneficial changes a person can make. Using stress-relieving products while you work is a great way of practicing self-care while still being able to perform your regular tasks.

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