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Keep Track and Stay Focused

The new iteration of whiteboards are more than just a clever new way to make notes, they’re a new way to organize ourselves, to capture ideas and retain information quickly, keep track of our daily tasks and stay focused.

One of the biggest day-to-day struggles we have at work is keeping our minds clear of clutter and free from distraction. This affects our productivity, and our ability to retain information. The simple act of taking notes not only helps us recall that information later, it also frees us from mental clutter and loss of focus, and in turn improves productivity.

Quartet Whiteboard

Say Goodbye to Wrist and Arm Pain

If you’re one of the many who struggles with wrist and arm pain, this nifty ergonomic mouse may just be your knight in shining armor. It looks a little odd, and it could take a little getting used to, but it has been expertly and ergonomically designed for comfort, and to support your hand in an upright, neutral posture to avoid forearm twisting, which is great news for your wrist health!  The mouse features a comfy thumb rest, and handy programmable buttons that are easy to reach, meaning you won’t have to contort your fingers to use them.


Stay Cool Under Pressure

In today’s modern office there’s unlikely to be mutual agreement on what temperature the office should be. In fact, many workplaces have even taken away control of the air-conditioning from staff all together, leaving only one person trusted with the key, and responsible for the comfort of all staff (such power!). Savvy desk-bound workers are catching on and arming themselves with their own personal desk fans, taking back control and creating their own little oasis of climate perfection. Small enough to fit in to a discrete corner of your desk but powerful enough to make you feel like you’re in charge of your own comfort.

Decorate your Wall Space

At work you’re more likely to use your (likely minimal) wall or cubicle divider space for work related documents, rather than a great piece of art. Maybe you’re displaying an award or two, likely some critical company information, perhaps a diploma, and hopefully a photo or two that remind you that there is indeed life outside your office. The problem with hanging stuff on your office walls is usually just how to go about it. It’s unlikely you’re hammering nails in, sticky tape and glues are messy, and tacks and drawing pins aren’t going to endear you to your employers when you leave a smattering of tiny holes everywhere. Enter Sticky Dots by Sellotape, a clear, double-sided adhesive glue dot, strong enough to hold without leaving residue behind. The teenager in you will wish you had these in your poster hanging days. A pack of these clever “dots” in your desk drawer will really come in handy when hanging, and they’re also great to use for arts & crafts, memos, noticeboards, presentations, gift wrapping and projects.

Modernise your Meetings

Fitting in with today’s digital-centric workplace means updating some key elements in your office. One such update would be switching out burdensome paper flipcharts for an interactive display digital flipchart, designed to support creative thinking and collaboration.

A digital flip chart will expand your presentation capabilities and ensure better outcomes for your meetings. Simple to use technology allows you to easily capture and share ideas, making meetings and brainstorming sessions way more productive. You’re also able to instantly, and securely store and share meeting notes via email, network, thumb drive or print outs, which means nobody has to be responsible for taking notes, or taking photos of the whiteboard! They’re also super flexible and portable, meaning you can adjust to suit the various meeting/huddle room layouts you come across. They also offer seamless writing capabilities and allow multiple people to write at once which is perfect for those hardcore brainstorming sessions.


For Quick and Easy Note-taking

You’d be hard pressed to find a niftier new productivity partner for your desk. This glassboard’s clever design means that you can either prop it up on your desk easel style, or lay it flat, allowing you to use it in a variety of useful ways.

This really is the perfect new workplace tool, especially for those of us short on desk space. It’s completely portable design means you can carry it with you when you want to disconnect from your desk for a while. Take it with you to meetings and brainstorming sessions for quick and easy notetaking and planning or use at your desk for to-do lists and quick reminders. Or, use it in easel style as a copy holder or laid flat as a clipboard, for both letter and A4 paper.

Just think of all the paper you’ll save!


Improve your Posture

It is estimated that 70–90% of Australians will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. With those statistics in mind it’s no surprise that back pain is the most common reason that people of working age drop out of the workforce. Obviously, for many of us leaving our jobs is simply not an option, so we need to look for ways to prevent back pain before it strikes, or at least reduce the pain once it’s set in.

There are a number of products on the market designed to support a healthy posture at work; back rests, footstools, wrist supports etc.  And if you’re already a sufferer odds are you have a heat pack tucked away in a desk drawer. All of these products, when used properly are great at helping to ward off creaky joints and pain, but the product most often recommended by Physiotherapists is the Ergonomic Chair Pad. A memory foam chair pad promotes healthy posture, improves circulation and provides tail bone and lower back support which will reduce the dreaded pain and discomfort, fatigue and stiffness that can result from long days sitting at a desk.


Protect your Eyes

Gamers absolutely love curved monitors because of their increased levels of immersion, the angles of the curved screens change the way we see the content and make the images feel closer to real life, giving gamers the feeling of being part of the game.

There are real benefits for those using curved monitors at work too, albeit a little different to those of the gamer. Curved monitors are way more eye friendly than their flat counterparts. Flat screens are prone to blurriness and image distortion. This is reduced on a curved monitor due to the physics of light projection, with the curved screen’s shape causing the light to be aimed right at the viewer, limiting distortion. When our eyes no longer have to strain to see, sitting in front of a monitor all day can be a far less arduous task.

The other big benefit is the impact a curved screen can have on productivity. Reading on a curved screen is faster, and curved monitor users are able to find information 24% faster on a curved monitor. By reducing eye fatigue and discomfort, curved screens maximise the amount of time staff can work to their full potential.


For Effective Collaboration

In a world where rapid advances in technology are constantly reshaping the way we work, videoconferencing has become a staple for most offices.

The modern-day meeting room has been revolutionised by the videoconference, allowing teams to overcome the constraints of geography and collaborate from anywhere in the world. However, it’s a nightmare situation when a videoconference doesn’t run smoothly.

For teams still battling through speaker phone conferencing it’s definitely time to invest in reliable and effective video and audio conferencing systems that include a high definition webcam, this is the only real way to future proof the office and connect remote staff and outside participants with the team.


Stand out and be Seen!

Sticky notes have been a workplace favourite for years, and for great reason! There’s really no better way to leave yourself and others notes and reminders. But what about the lesser-known cousin of the sticky note? The sticky flag. Sticky flags are an absolute must-have for marking and highlighting important information, particularly when collaborating with others. For organisation nuts sticky notes are an absolute godsend, especially if you’re a fan of colour-coding. Previous flag iterations have had the downside of not being able to cope with being written on, but these days you can write away, making them your handiest desk accessory.


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