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Employment opportunities for young people

How Young People can Prepare for Future Employment Opportunities

Young people in Australia are losing out on educational and employment opportunities because of a lack of essential soft skills.
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Youth Lacking Employment Opportunities

It may surprise you to know that over half a million young people in Australia are losing out on educational and employment opportunities. According to the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), unemployment among the youth in Australia is high, with a significant contributing factor being that 33 percent are lacking the basic knowledge to get a job in their area, even at an entry-level position. Furthermore, 28 percent of graduates reported that they do not use the skills they learned during school. 

The lack of work-integrated learning or real-world applications makes it difficult for young people to enter the workforce. However, committing to learning something new can raise your chances of career advancement, expand your professional networks, and broaden your knowledge set.

Developing Employment Ready Skills

Learning new skills or working on perfecting your current skill set is vital for progressing as it broadens your career opportunities and assists you in developing new ways to stay up with fast-changing environments. Here are some helpful ways to broaden your opportunities and give your career a boost.

Look for a Mentor

According to Career Builder, 63 percent of businesses focus their hiring decision on the candidate’s soft skills. A mentorship program is another way to encourage the development of those soft skills. Mentors can help navigate mentees through the developmental process by teaching life skills, identifying strengths, and areas for improvement. 

Mentors can assist you in understanding what abilities and experiences are required for a successful career. Engaging with a mentor offers many other advantages in addition to skill-based learning and increased employment opportunities, such as improved self-esteem, confidence, and interpersonal skills. All of these factors can have a big influence on your ability to thrive in both life and work.

Become a Volunteer

According to SEEK research, 95 percent of employers believe that volunteering is a genuine approach to getting real-world experience to add to your CV. Volunteering reflects a concern for the betterment of humankind and a desire to work as part of a team for little or no personal benefit. 

As a young person, you can learn the value of follow-through, timeliness, companionship, collaboration, and improve your written and vocal communication. All of these are vital abilities that can be learned in a low-stress atmosphere and can help you gain better employment opportunities in the future.

Engage in Team Activities

Teamwork is an essential factor in a company’s culture and its ability to thrive. According to Give and Take research, businesses with higher levels of employee engagement generate 2.5x times more revenue. Many businesses focus on hiring employees who can easily settle well into a team and complete assigned work efficiently. 

Participating in team-based extracurricular activities is an excellent approach to exhibiting this skill set. Youth who participate in team-related activities such as athletics, drama, theatre, or the school band can develop skills that can benefit them later in life. All of these activities emphasise the value of working together to reach a common objective.

Discover Creative Endeavours

According to McKinsey Global Institute research, the need for higher cognitive talents, such as creativity, is expected to rise by 10 percent by 2030. Participating in creative activities such as painting, dancing, writing, or singing helps you to develop creative abilities at an early age. 

These interests help with the development of the right, more creative side of the brain, which not only encourages innovative thinking, but also inspires effective problem-solving, new strategies, and new ideas. Building this side of the brain allows young people to express themselves creatively and enhances their likelihood of using this growth in a real-world working environment.

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