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Easy to Make Zero-Waste Craft Activities for Kids

Sustainable craft projects for kids.
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Teaching kids to create their own zero-waste craft is a great way to minimise waste creation and foster a more thoughtful, minimalist, and eco-friendly mindset. We’ve compiled a list of zero-waste craft ideas to get children started on turning waste into treasure! Creating zero-waste crafts at school and at home can make a real difference and is an excellent way to make use of reusable waste that would otherwise be thrown away.

DIY lunch bag

Reusable Paper Lunch Bag

What you’ll need:

A4 coloured copy paper

Brown paper bag or satchel




PVA glue or stick

Permanent coloured markers

How to make:

  1. Take a brown paper bag about 32cm x 20cm and fold it 7cm from the top to make a flap
  2. Take one sheet of A4 size coloured copy paper of your choice and cut a 14cm X 20cm square to cover the paper bag top flap
  3. Glue one half of the 14cm X 20cm square piece to the back of the bag and the other half to the top of the flap to cover the folded flap section of the paper bag
  4. To make the shoulder straps, cut a 25cm by 3.5cm piece of coloured copy paper. Using a glue stick, stick the two to the back of the bag
  5. For making the front pocket, use a contrasting sheet of coloured copy paper and cut it into an 18cm by 9cm rectangular piece. Stick the piece to the bottom of the bag towards the front (make sure to keep a little space between the bottom and the rectangle piece). If you want to use this rectangle as a pocket, just attach the two sides and bottom border, leaving some room on top
  6. In the last step, take two coloured copy paper and cut them into 7cm x 2.5cm strips. Stick one strip parallel to and just below the top flap. Only glue the left and right edges. Then, connect the second strip to the top flap so that it glides behind it. If you’re feeling extra creative, draw dotted lines along all of the borders to create a seam-like pattern
  7. Your reusable lunch bag is ready to be filled with delicious goodies
DIY Minion pencil holder

Minion Pencil Holder

What you’ll need:

1 cardboard roll

PVA glue or stick


Coloured markers

A4 coloured copy paper: blue, yellow, white, and black

How to make:

  1. Cut a sheet of yellow copy paper in half lengthwise. Take a paper roll tube and apply glue to the yellow paper and wrap it around the tube. Trim the excess sheet
  2. To make a shirt design, take a sheet of blue copy paper and cut it in half.  Take one of the halves and cut it into 6cm x 4cm. Now carefully leave 2 cm space above and below and 2 cm wide space, then carefully cut the copy paper into an “I” shape
  3. Glue the cut-outs to the roll tube, lining it up along the bottom of the tube
  4. If you want to add details, use a black marker to add embellishments like buttons or seams
  5. To make the eyes, take a sheet of white copy paper and make 2 small circles 2cmX2cm and stick it on the tube. Now take a black permanent marker to neatly draw the goggles around the white cut-outs
  6. Your minion is all-set to keep your classroom essentials safe
DIY racing car

Racing Car with Paper Towel Roll

What you’ll need:

1 paper towel cardboard roll

Red and white copy paper

1 cardboard or thick board

PVA glue or glue stick


Paper cutter

Permanent markers

How to make:

  1. Take a sheet of red coloured copy paper and cut it 11cm x 10cm to fully cover the tube. Now stick the copy paper with glue neatly around the tube
  2. Take a paper cutter and gently cut a 3cm x 2cm rectangle in the centre of the tube to make a seat
  3. To make the wheel cut four circles that are at least 4cm wide from hard cardboard or any other hard sheet
  4. Trace and cut out the circles on black copy paper. Glue the black cut-outs on the hard cardboard
  5. Then, using white copy paper, draw the circles again, but this time cut them a little smaller to make them appear like an alloy
  6. Carefully stick the wheels, using a PVA glue, and let it dry
  7. To make the racing car look more appealing, you can make different designs around the car like numbers or flames using a marker
  8. Your racing car is ready for the big race

These are some easy zero-waste craft activities to help set an example for kids on how to stay plastic-free by reusing old waste.

If you do have plastic and want to use it in an environmentally friendly way, you should try 4 Fun and Creative Upcycled Plastic Waste Projects for Kids!

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