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How Businesses can Play a Role in Closing the Gap

National Close the Gap Day is an annual event that raises awareness and seeks to close the gap that exists for First Nations peoples when it comes to health outcomes
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National Close the Gap Day is an annual event that raises awareness and seeks to close the gap that exists for First Nations peoples when it comes to health outcomes. The event is an opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organisations to come together to recognise and address the health and social inequalities faced by First Nations peoples. As a business, Closing the gap for First Nations peoples involves taking specific steps to address the social, economic, and cultural disparities.

Closing the Gap for First Nations Peoples:

Reconciliation Action Plan

Create and implement a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) outlining the steps that your business will take to build relationships, respect, and opportunities for First Nations peoples. This can include several activities like raising cultural awareness, assisting First Nations-owned businesses, and implementing initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of First Nations employees and customers.

The COS vision for reconciliation is to foster a culture of belonging by providing equal access to education, careers, health outcomes, and quality of life for First Nations peoples. The Innovate RAP formalises our commitment to being a truly inclusive organisation and will serve as a solid foundation for our future actions, ensuring that we continue to build mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations peoples, communities, and organisations.

First Nations Peoples Employment

Creating opportunities for First Nations peoples to get involved in the business, such as through a targeted recruitment program, community training program, internships, and mentoring to build a more diverse and vibrant economy in Australia. This can assist in the reduction of disparities in employment and economic participation. By building strong relationships with First Nations communities’ businesses can understand the needs and aspirations of First Nations job seekers and assist them in overcoming any employment barriers.

Supply Chain

As a company, actively seek out and build partnerships with First Nations-owned businesses to increase their participation in the supply chain. Encourage your customers and suppliers to buy from First Nations businesses. Making a slight shift in purchasing habits can have a significant impact on the economic development of First Nations communities by creating employment and business opportunities. Moreover, First Nations businesses incorporate traditional knowledge, practices, and designs into their products and services, which contributes to a greater understanding and respect for their culture among the wider Australian community.

Community Engagement

Engage with First Nations communities to learn about their needs and goals, and work toward developing initiatives that can help them achieve their objectives. Supporting community-led initiatives, providing sponsorship or funding for cultural events, or volunteering your time and skills to support community projects are all examples of how you can help as a business.

By taking these steps, businesses can play a meaningful role in closing the gap for First Nations peoples and contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society.

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