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DIY Printable Worksheets to Celebrate Harmony Week at School

Download and print fun and educational "Harmony Week" worksheets for Primary School Students here.
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What is Harmony Week?

Harmony Day is an annual celebration held on March 21st in Australia to promote cultural respect, inclusiveness, and a sense of belonging for all people, regardless of cultural or linguistic background.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for schools to embrace and celebrate diversity with their students. What better way to engage young minds on an important topic than with printable templates for students to let their creativity run wild!

The Harmony Week templates we have put together are intended to promote cultural diversity, inclusion, and respect, and they can be easily printed and used by students of all ages. Celebrating Harmony Day in school doesn’t have to be just a one-day event, it should be an ongoing effort to promote inclusiveness and acceptance of different cultures year round.

Download and print fun and educational “Harmony Week” worksheets for Primary School Students here:

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