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Decorating eggs for easter

How to Have Fun with Easter at Work

Easter is traditionally seen as a family oriented holiday, but that doesn't mean you can have fun with Easter at work!
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Traditionally Easter is a time for family; a time to sit down with our loved ones and share a great meal and good company. Since we’re all working so much, and spending so much time with our colleagues it can’t hurt to take some time out of the work day to bond a little and celebrate Easter at work with the people we spend so much time with.

You can still celebrate this holiday by incorporating some Easter-themed activities that will bring a smile to your colleagues’ faces. In this article, we’ll look at some creative and fun ways to celebrate Easter at work. These tips will assist you in creating a festive atmosphere and spreading Easter cheer among your co-workers.

Easter Themed Potluck

Easter at work is a wonderful time to get people together and share some delicious food. You can host an Easter-themed potluck lunch or breakfast where everyone brings an Easter-themed dish. You can also hold a contest for the best dish, with everyone voting for their favourite.

Crafts for Easter

You can organise an Easter craft workshop to engage your employees in a hands-on activity. You can supply craft materials such as paint, coloured copy paper, scissors, and glue and allow everyone to create their own Easter decorations. Easter egg paintings, bunny masks, and Easter cards are just a few ideas. Checkout our COSpedia article for some DIY Easter Treat Bags for hiding Easter surprises for your colleagues.

You can also involve your employees family in the Easter at work craft workshop by inviting them to the office or hosting a virtual workshop. This is a wonderful way to include everyone in the Easter festivities and to bring joy to families who may not be able to celebrate Easter together.

Easter at Work Trivia

Organise an Easter-themed quiz at work if you’re looking for a fun and educational way to celebrate Easter. You are welcome to ask questions about Easter traditions, history, and facts. You can use online resources to find interesting trivia questions or make your own.

The quiz can be taken by teams or individuals, and prizes can be awarded to the winners. You can also include a bonus round in which people must guess the number of jellybeans in a jar or the number of chocolate Easter eggs in a basket.

The Great Office Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a traditional Easter tradition enjoyed by both children and adults. Hide Easter eggs around the office or workplace to organise an Easter egg hunt. You can use eggs filled with candy or small prizes, or you can use real painted and decorated eggs. You can make the Easter at work egg hunt more difficult by providing clues to help people find the eggs. You can post the clues on the bulletin board or email them to yourself. You could also award a prize to the person who finds the most eggs or the golden egg.

Here are some steps for grown-up version of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

Step 1:

Find some colourful envelopes and decorate them with bright markers and stickers for an Easter theme.

Step 2:

Fill the envelopes with small lollies and prizes. For prizes think vouchers, either hand-made work-related vouchers (an extra hour lunch break etc) or vouchers from local cafes and retailers (everyone loves a free coffee) – we know you’ll be creative here.

Step 3:

Hide the envelopes around the office, but don’t make it too easy!

Step 4:

Send out email clues throughout the day. This will break up the game, so it won’t impact productivity too much and will get staff up and moving around for short bursts of time (the ergonomics experts would be so proud!)

Step 5:

Sit back and soak up the huge amount of praise you’ll receive for implementing such a great game in the office. 

Whatever you decide to do for Easter we hope you have a great time with family, friends and of course, your “work family”.

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