These days we’re all spending more and more time at work, and as a result, more time with our colleagues. This means that while we’re busily working away, bonds are being made and friendships born… isn’t that nice? We spend so much time with our colleagues that they’re pretty much our “work family”, wouldn’t you agree? 

Easter is a time for family; it’s traditionally when we sit down with our loved ones and share a great meal and good times. So why not do the same with your “work family” and celebrate Easter at work? 

There are a number of ways to celebrate with your colleagues. Sure, you could go out for the standard lunch at the local cafe, but don’t you do that every Friday anyway? And do you really want to go and eat the same old chicken schnitzel you’ve had a dozen times? Why not make it a little special for Easter?  

Have an Easter Feast

Throw a pot-luck style afternoon tea where everybody brings a dish, or, you could decorate the lunch room, and have it catered. Make sure you remember to provide the Easter chocolate! 

There’s nothing like a delicious array of food to get people excited, and with everyone contributing, the variety should be egg-citing. 

A little tip from us to you: order disposable plates and cutlery, you will thank us at clean up time.

The Great Office Egg Hunt

Make things interesting at work and get everyone excited about the Easter Long Weekend and put together an entertaining Easter game for your team. It’s like your traditional Easter Egg hunt, but for grown-ups. 

The grown-up version of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. 

Step 1:

Find some colourful envelopes and decorate them with bright markers and stickers for an Easter theme. 

Step 2:

Fill the envelopes with small lollies and prizes. For prizes think vouchers for a bonus day off, or if that’s pushing, it an extra hour for lunch break, an extra discount, a coffee voucher for your local cafe – we know you can be creative here.

Step 3:

Hide the envelopes around the office, but don’t make it too easy!

Step 4:

Send out email clues throughout the day. This will break up the game, so it won’t impact productivity too much and will get staff up and moving around for short bursts of time (the ergonomics experts would be so proud!)

Step 5:

Sit back and soak up the huge amount of praise you’ll receive for implementing such a great game in the office. 

Whatever you decide to do for Easter we hope you have a great time with family, friends and of course, your “work family”.

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