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How to Reduce Paper Usage Without Using Less Paper

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Australia has a higher paper usage per capita than anywhere else in the world, not a glowing statistic by any means, and certainly a cause for alarm. The more paper we use the more trees we are losing. Fewer trees means poorer air quality and also leads to deforestation, a key contributor to global warming. Paper production also leads to water pollution, with the chemicals used to treat paper during development often making their way into local water supplies. It takes 17 watts of energy to make one sheet of paper, that’s a whole lot of energy taken up by paper production. An awful lot of water goes in to making paper too, to give you an understanding of just how much, recycling just one tonne of paper can save over 26,000 litres of water.

Paper is still a business essential.

While many of us are trying our best to reduce paper usage, in business, paper remains a necessity. Organisations and individuals continue to use 200,000 tonnes of paper annually.

Reducing our paper usage and recycling where we can seems like a simple “solve” but is it really that easy? Many businesses have switched to recycled office paper which is a great step forward, but for some the cost of that switch is just too high. Clearly many businesses still have a need for paper, and that’s not likely to change any time soon, so the answer has to lie elsewhere.

Is there a solution?

New Future Opti, produced by UPM (a recognised global leader in sustainability) offers a solution. As an FSC® certified office paper it has a lighter environmental impact by literally, being lighter. Some may worry that a lighter paper wouldn’t hold up quality wise. During blind tests customers of COS found the paper to be of equal quality to the paper they had been using previously, no paper jams and great looking prints. It was also put through rigorous quality testing by an independent testing facility, just to be sure, and it passed with flying colours.

To further help reduce the impact on the environment New Future Opti reams are wrapped in a unique biodegradable, recyclable and plastic-free wrapper.  No other Australian office paper has a recyclable wrapper, however a large number of people don’t realise this and send their wrappers to the recycle bin, and inevitably they end up in landfill. This recyclable wrapper represents a huge step towards the workplace becoming more environmentally friendly.

The stats…”

Using New Future Opti presents an opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint by emissions equivalent to 80,000 passenger vehicles, or 1,700 Olympic sized swimming pools of water. By making the right choice in paper and recycling we can save 80 million plastic-coated ream wrappers, and fibre equivalent to 10 million reams.

New Future Opti is produced responsibly, its fibres come from sustainably managed forests, and it meets the industry’s most demanding responsibility criteria. It is a cost-competitive option for businesses looking to make the switch to a more environmentally friendly paper.

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