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What to Look for in a Sustainable Supplier

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With Australia actively working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, both government and private sector businesses have a role to play in terms of:

  • employing clean energy.
  • creating sustainable cities and communities.
  • forming responsible partnerships.

There are many ways that government offices are currently addressing issues of sustainability; whether it be encouraging and rewarding environmentally friendly practices, cutting down on the use of certain resources, or better managing e-waste. These are fantastic steps, but more thought is now being given to the practices of suppliers.

Recognising Sustainable Suppliers

Environmental goals are ranking higher than ever as part of the procurement process, with suppliers looking to demonstrate their ongoing clean energy initiatives through a well-rounded plan. This may include:

  • An account of their current energy consumption with a roadmap to zero emissions.
  • A transparent way of quickly understanding which supplies contain recyclable components.
  • An ability to deliver certain items in bulk.

A company owned and operated in Australia is also a plus, as it often offers greater transparency of all its operations and is more invested in delivering the best outcomes for Australian departments and communities.

Focusing on Quality Suppliers: Benefits to Government

So, you’ve found a sustainable supplier, what benefits will you see? The major one is being able to reach targets more easily. Supplies that are environmentally friendly and made from sustainable materials allow agencies to conform to both voluntary and mandated goals. In addition, you’re sending a message to other suppliers that Australian agencies, regardless of size, are prioritising investment in sustainable goods and services.

Working with COS

As a completely Australian owned and operated business, COS not only helps to boost the Australian economy through supporting jobs and manufacturing, but is also actively pushing for net-zero emissions by 2023. This is being achieved through a mass rollout of solar panels on its sites, electric vehicles for delivery, and supply chain transparency. What’s more, government departments partnered with COS can get clear info about whether a product is recyclable or uses single-use plastic, giving purchasers an easy way to compare similar items and decide which is best for the workplace.

See more about COS’s environmental commitments here, and explore how they can align with your sustainability goals.

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