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The open plan office has changed our work patterns, and along with it the products we use every day around the office. The move away from the traditional cubicle has meant that we no longer have to be chained to our desks, but it has also presented us with a few challenges. Challenges like how to properly, and securely equip office staff in this new environment. In these days of reduced personal space your team are now working in view of just about anyone.

No Walls: Collaboration vs. Intrusion

One of the most hotly debated issues in any open plan office is the loss of personal space. Those of us accustomed to cubicle working are used to the personal privacy it provides. The theory that open plan offices encourage collaboration is certainly enticing, but in some cases it’s that loss of privacy that feels like an intrusion for some, especially when working on large monitors with sensitive information. These days we tend to spend more time at work, meaning occasionally we’ll be forced to use our work computers to conduct personal business, things like online banking and personal emails. This loss of privacy can mean we’ll be nervous to have this information seen by co-workers, or worse, to be seen as slacking off.

Working Remotely

Even more of a concern than having your co-workers seeing your banking details, or spying on your spot of online shopping is the risk of having your confidential company information seen and stolen while working remotely. Many of us have the freedom to work from laptops while out on the road, this can mean working at the local café or catching up on emails during the commute. While this way of working is convenient it also leaves you vulnerable to sticky beaks.

Maintaining personal privacy with a computer privacy screen can help reduce that sense of intrusion. With PrivaScreen™ blackout privacy filters you create peripheral blind sides that prevent prying eyes from viewing your screen. Not only for monitors, privacy screen protectors are also available for laptops and tablets.

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