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In 2016 the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that a third (3.5 million) of all employees work from home regularly.

“42 per cent of those who regularly work from home cited catching up on work as the main reason,” said Jennifer Humphrys, Director of Labour Market Analytics at the ABS. “A further 20 per cent regularly worked from home because they wanted an office or didn’t want to pay rent or overheads” said Jennifer.

The home office can facilitate greater concentration and focus, not to mention the convenience of avoiding traffic or a long commute. In the era of hot-desking it’s also a great solution for many employers.

We like the idea that home office organisation isn’t about perfection, but maximising the efficiency of how you work.  Basic organisational necessities include a desk organiser, sufficient filing/storage and a whiteboard or planner.

Here are 3 sources of motivation for establishing and maintaining a sense of order in your home office.

1. A place for everything and everything in its place

These are Benjamin Franklin’s words and there’s no doubt that keeping everything in its place is easier said than done, but the key is having the right solutions from the outset. While we’re sharing the thoughts of great organisation philosophers, A.A. Milne wrote that “organising is what you do, before you do something so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up”. It may not be profound, but it is practical advice.

Taking the time to browse the latest office storage, filing and accessories will not only get you organised, but help you to stay that way.

2. Make organisation a practice not a project

The majority of us have either Kon Mari’d our home or keep meaning to, but in an ideal world we clean as we go. It’s a big ask and let’s face it a little bit of mess never hurt anyone, but clearing or decluttering is energising. Scheduling 30 minutes a fortnight on your home office whiteboard, notebook or planner, to declutter or reorganise your paperwork (with your favourite playlist on in the background), is not only doable but will be well worthwhile.

3. Organise your workspace to optimise your mental space

While working might not always be fun and games, life is to be enjoyed – even during business hours. That doesn’t mean frivolity, but there’s so much to be gained by creating an environment that allows you to feel your best and produce your best. Clutter can not only weigh on your mind, but research has found it’s linked to poor eating habits.

4. Ensure you have the right tools for the job

Having the right tools and products at your disposal will help you work just as efficiently at home as you do in the office. These may include technology products like a laptop and hard drive to complete your work, furniture such as ergonomic chairs to stay comfortable and general office stationery.

Don’t procrastinate, get your home office organised in support of reaching greater health and wellbeing, as well as your business targets.

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